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GameJamCamp is a mentored game jam boot camp where you make games and metaverses over 7 weeks.

We did game dev bootcamps before and students made cool projects and demoed them at the end.

Gamebridge is a weekly game dev mentoring Meetup with dev tutorials for beginners in Unity, Unreal, Godot and other engines.

To sign up, come to a Gamebridge Meetup on Wednesday nights at 8PM Pacific at Noisebridge Hackerspace at 272 Capp St. San Francisco or on the [stream chat].

We are looking for mentors as well as participants and we recommend signing up with or finding a teammate as groups of 2 or more are a lot more fun.

  • START DATE: September 7

GJC 2022 Signup[edit]

Past GJCs[edit]

We've had 2 cohorts of GCJ so far. One demoed at Laserbridge in 2016.