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JavaScript Class[edit]

Teacher: Garrett Smith   @xkit (follow & mention). LinkedIn: Garrett Smith (endorsements welcome) Web: email: dhtmlkitchen at

When: Friday: 7-9pm, Sunday: 10-11:30 AM

Where: Noisebridge, 2169 Mission St, San Francisco

Course Overview[edit]

This course covers the fundamentals of the EcmaScript programming language (ECMAScript spec), the DOM (DOM 3 spec), and object-oriented design. It is intended for experienced web developers and programmers of other languages, however all are welcome.

List of Classes

Please read the list of classes and each lesson's linked notes to decide what you want to study.


Reference specifications are used extensively. These are linked from the JavaScript resources page. Read them daily.


Ask Questions. Interact.

Read the individual classes. Each class lesson is chosen by students at the start of class and will adjusted to meet the students' needs. Get involved! Noisebridge is a Do-ocracy.


While there might be many reasons to come to JavaScript class, the most common reason is to learn. And generally, that driven by the potential to increase earning potential.

Programming is neither healthy nor enjoyable. So students of casual interest will probably not see much advancement is this class. However students who direct sufficient anger to the task of learning JavaScript may excel enough to attain an increase in professional level of skill.

Front End Engineering is not difficult, but it is hard.


We learn by doing. Get involved!