Juki DDL-227 Straight Stitch

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Status: Working (as of 2023-04-25)

Type: Single needle lockstitch

Year: 1970s?


  • Materials: Medium to heavyweight (e.g. quilting cotton to heavy canvas, medium-weight leather)
  • Needle: DBx1, sizes 11-18
  • Thread: Standard is polyester "universal" weight, Tex ~30, but it can accommodate a wide range of threads. Not suitable for woolly nylon or many types of embroidery thread in needle. Pretty much anything can go in the bobbin.


  • Takes the same bobbins, needles, and feet as the Singer 251-12
  • Stitch length up to 4mm

Manual for Juki-227[edit]


I checked with Juki, no one has an engineer's manual for this machine

As of 2023-04-25 Instruction manual printed and hanging behind machine

Repair Log:[edit]

  • 2022 Replaced clutch motor with servo