Juki LU-563 Walking Foot

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Status: Working (as of 2022-11-03)

Type: Single needle lockstitch unison feed industrial walking foot

Year: c. 1988


  • Materials: Medium to super-heavy. Nothing lighter than denim. Can go very heavy, we've successfully done 1/2" of leather. Works well with plastics and other non-wovens (e.g. vinyl). Anything lighter than denim won't go well.
  • Needle: DPx17, size #18-23
  • Thread: Standard is bonded nylon sz 69. We have spools in basic colors available (black, cream, brown)


  • This is a high tension machine. You must press the knee lifter to pull thread through. This will release the tension.
    • Conversely, DO NOT run into the knee lifter at all while sewing. This will release the tension and your stitches will snarl.
  • Pressing back or letting go of the pedal will engage the brake. Slightly depress the pedal to release the brake. You must do this to use the hand wheel

Manual for Juki LU-563[edit]



Repair Log:[edit]

  • 2022-10-28 Replaced clutch motor with new servo FESM-550S
  • 2022-03-15 replaced old clutch motor with newer clutch motor