Juki MO-2416 Serger

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Juki MO-2416-FF6-500[edit]

Status: Working (as of 2022-11-03)

Type: Single needle overedge machine (see note in Tips about machine model)

Year: c. 1984


  • Materials: Knits, lightweight to medium heavy. Wovens, lightweight to medium heavy. Foot has a clearance of only 7mm, so thick seams won't work well. Not compatible with sticky materials like leather or vinyl
  • Needle: DCx27, size 12 is good for most materials
  • Thread: Universal/medium weight (~tex 21) poly or poly-cotton. Cones only, won't work well with spools with plastic at the top and bottom. Not suitable for heavy thread (e.g. bonded nylon 69)


  • At the end of the piece run off a chain, no need to stop and raise the foot and pull out like with a straight stitch machine. Pulling the piece out could result in a bent needle or broken threads
  • This machine is meant to sew flat pieces only (i.e. pieces that have not already been sewn in a circle). If you must sew a seam in the round there are workarounds, but they are all awkward
  • The MO-2416-FF6-500 is meant to be a 5-thread overedge with safety stitch, but Needle Clamp 118-70458 is discontinued (confirmed with Civit 2022-03-10). The current needle clamp and throat plate are suitable for a 3-thread serger setup only. This is the right stitch for finishing wovens, and while not ideal for sewing seams in knits, it will be sufficient for most purposes.
  • All sergers have a knife placed to cut the fabric as you sew. The knife is blocked by a guard so it is not as dangerous as it appears, but it still *is possible* to cut your finger. Always be aware of where your fingers are.
  • If you need to change the threads, tie on and pull each thread through. DO NOT UNTHREAD THE SERGER. It takes about 30 minutes and a lot of patience to rethread. If you're doing a big project you should be prepared to have to rethread at some point, it happens. Use tweezers (located on a magnet on the thread stand).

Manual for Juki MO-2416[edit]

Repair Log:[edit]

  • 2022-10-03 Fixed foot lifting pedal by replacing missing Lifting Hook 118-19414
  • 2022-10-28 Replaced clutch motor with new servo FESM-550S
  • 2022-03-15 replaced old clutch motor with newer clutch motor