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As a result of the shelter-in-place order in the City, Noisebridge is closed at least until May 1.

In order to help secure the space and the stuff in it, we are taking shifts in which one person goes into the space and helps make sure no-one else tries to come in.

The relevant shift volunteer should be apprised when someone is going to come in to retrieve stuff from their locker.

The shift schedule is approximately:

  • 09:00 to 17:00
  • 17:00 to 02:00
  • 02:00 to 09:00

Subject to change/coordination between shift volunteers. Each volunteer hands off to the next, letting them in through the otherwise-disabled entrance.

Note: Be careful when traveling from and especially to the space, as being out for anything other than “essential” reasons is a misdemeanor violation of the order. If a cop sees you trying to enter Noisebridge, you may then have to convince a cop that both Noisebridge and your presence in it are “essential”. The latter is relatively easy (you're providing security), but the former may be a challenge; some Noisebridgers have various opinions on how NB is “essential”, but whatever your argument is, you'll have to convince a cop of it.

  • One way to avoid unwanted attention may be “delivering” a small amount of food/groceries to the space, and then consuming it during your shift.

Shift practices[edit]

  • Always maintain 2 meters (6 ft) distance from any other person, including during the handoff.
  • Set an alarm on your phone about half an hour to an hour before your shift ends. Use that time to clean every surface in the space; particularly:
    • light switches and sliders
    • toilet handles and faucets
    • table tops
    • chair contact surfaces (might be a good idea to stick to hard plastic seats for awhile)
    • keyboards and mice
    • joysticks, game controllers, etc.
    • doorknobs (bathrooms, Turing, wood shop, SparkleForge (the surface around where the knob would be), quiet room, upstairs entrance, gate)
    • particularly those last two doorknobs: clean those on your way down to let the next shift's volunteer in
  • Do not let any person into the space for any reason unless previously arranged for specific purposes such as retrieving locker contents.
  • Do not dismantle or unplug things such as the Folding@Home computers, the hydroponics system, etc. Anything still running is still running for a reason.
  • Don't make it too obvious that someone is in the space and risk getting us in trouble. Play music loud enough to be heard from the top of the stairs but not from the street. Consider sitting facing the inside door and its porthole.
  • Be excellent to your fellow shift volunteers by being punctual to the handoff. Let your predecessor know if you're running late or have to walk around the block or go grocery shopping to avoid getting in trouble.

If a shift was missed[edit]

We're all volunteers, and we are generally trying to comply with the order and keep ourselves safe (and folks might get sick anyway), so it's possible—if not inevitable—that shifts will end up getting missed.

For one thing, this complicates getting into the space to watch over it. Only certain people have keys to be able to open the gate, since the space is closed.

It also means that whoever does take up the next shift (and successfully gets inside to do so) has to sweep the space looking for intruders, and ask them to leave. In particular, check:

  • under anything (sinks, tables, etc.)
  • both bathrooms
  • Church
  • Turing
  • SparkleForge (including in the curtained area in the far corner)
  • the wood shop (including the far end near the window, and under the table)
  • the quiet room
  • the electronics parts area
  • the elevator anteroom
  • the gaming corner
  • the Sewing station (including under the cutting table)
  • the fire escape (don't go outside, just look)
  • the door to the roof (make sure it's still closed)

Also make sure nothing's been messed with and hardware that should be locked out still is. In particular, make sure:

  • the Folding@Home computers seem to still be running
  • the hydroponics system is still working