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Contact & Info[edit]

Feel free to add yourself here if you plan to work on the project. There will be some email-based discussion and record keeping for this project, and that info will be added here if you just want to lurk and complain.


Keycode System Features[edit]

  • Numberpad on front door
  • Database of codes... on pony? With notes? Probably we need a basic schema for what info we do and don't want to log.
    • Tom wants it to be a text file with a pin or rfid code per line and comments delimited by hash marks
  • Logging keycodes (necessary to be able to shut off problem codes)
    • keycodes not formally associated with individuals
    • member keycodes differentiable in some way
    • keep logs for 7 days
    • require 2 users to access logs (cryptographically)
  • Keycode Generation
  • Distribution
    • how to distribute without leaving electronic records associating code with individual?
    • the most paranoid users will not trust the system anyway
  • Disabling keycodes
    • presumably not a feature needed immediately.


There are 3 components to a doorlock system:

  1. A code entry box (physical hardware)
  2. Security controller (computer) (we already have minotaur which controls the doorlatch)
  3. Electronic doorlatch (i.e. buzzer [may be silent])

Commercial door control systems usually have a central controller which is physically located inside the building and cannot be accessed from the entry box. The code entry box is connected to the controller via hard wires (usually serial). The controller can activate the doorlatch via the existing Noisegate relay.

Potential Products[edit]

  • Talked to Terry tonight who says he has a friend who has a bunch of access system gear that we could get donated. linuxman2001@gmail -- User:Hurtstotouchfire

Implementation Considerations[edit]

  • Should we buy or build the controller?
  • Shannon wants to replace the current keypad system with something fancy
  • Jake thinks we should just add the keypad onto the gate with U-bolts
    • we would need to talk to the landlord to do this (unless we can do it without drilling?)
    • at present, we plan to just add an additional keypad and only replace the button system if the keypad is successful