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Kids at Noisebridge need to be supervised by parents, teachers or other guardians.
  • Noisebridge is a great place for young people to learn, but it is not a free daycare.
  • There is enough dangerous stuff here that you should actively keep an eye on kids and tell them to ask permission if they want to change activities.
  • If you see kids at Noisebridge roaming around unattended, ask them where their guardians are and encourage them to stick together.

Students at Noisebridge[edit | edit source]

Noisebridge hosts many student groups for classes and tours.

Burton High at Noisebridge[edit | edit source]

Not "child-safe"[edit | edit source]

We have not limited what we like to explore or discuss according to anyone's notions of "appropriateness" for children. Thus, anyone entering the space can be exposed to ideas, concepts, language and items which some would consider "adult-themed". We also have some tools and materials that can be hazardous for children or adults if used improperly. Children are as welcome in the space as any other person - just be prepared for what they may encounter. We have some guidelines for parents and kids in the space.