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[edit] Mailing List

You can subscribe to the kites mailing list here.

[edit] Project Ideas

  • Attaching lights for night flying. It would be awesome to try to illuminate the tail on a dual-line stunt kite. (Maybe EL wire would be a good candidate for this?)
  • Microprocess + accelerometer + RGB LEDs on the leading edge of a stunt kite. We can program it to change the color pattern as the g-forces increase, when it goes into a steep turn or loop. Or maybe a speaker, and have the kite scream when diving?
  • Aerial photography. There was a group at MakerFaire selling camera rigs for large single-line kites. Designing a rig of our own might be a fun shop project, too.
  • Building our own kites. We can easily find patterns, and we have a sewing machine upstairs, near the electronics lab.
  • Kite buggies - tricycles pulled by kites

[edit] Topics to cover

[edit] Basic kite maintenance

[edit] Places to fly

[edit] People

If you're interested, leave your name here:

[edit] Useful Links

How to build a kite and instructions on hooking it up with LED's and an accelerometer.

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