Knownodes workshop

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How can we make our knowledge and ideas more accessible to others? How can experts from different fields better understand one another?

During this workshop we will approach these problems using a novel technology and approach called Knownodes:

Knownodes is an alternative method for sharing and exploring knowledge and ideas on the web. It focuses on the creation of rich and interactive connections between knowledge, allowing for different perspectives to be displayed simultaneously, and enable ordinary people to annotate relationships between knowledge, ideas and culture.

We will work together to create an open knowledge network depicting a project or concept of your choice. The end result will be available online, easy to share and modify.

Everyone is welcome! No technical background needed. The building network part takes around 45 minutes. We will have time for discussion, ideation and technical talk before and after.

The workshop will be run by Dor Garbash, a Phd student at the CRI and creator of the platform.

Saturday, September 7, 18:30