Kombucha Brewing Manual - short workshop form

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Kombucha Manual[edit]

  • culture volume Vc = 1 l

active culture[edit]

  • piece of kombucha SCOBY (mother)
  • kombucha beverage (5% (v/v)) = 50 ml


  • black tea (0.6 %(w/v)) = 6 g
  • brown sugar (6% (w/v)) = 60 g


  • 1.5 l culture container (glass, wide mouth)
  • water cattle or pot for water boiling
  • scale
  • strainer
  • spoon
  • 250 – 1000 ml measuring vessel
  • cheese cloth or muslin
  • 2 l pot

working manual[edit]

- bring 250 ml of water to boil

- transfer the boiled water to pot and add 6 g of tea and leave to steep for 10-15 minutes

- strain the tea leaves and dispose them

- add 60 g of sugar to the liquid and stir to dissolve

- add 500 ml of cold water and mix checking the temperature (lukewarm)

- transfer the tea sugar syrup to the culture container

- add 50 ml of kombucha starter

- fill up to the final Vc = 1 l with cold water

- add the SCOBY (young, white side up)

- cover the top of the container by breathable screen to protect against flies

- leave the culture to ferment at room temperature (15-25°C) for 3-5 days out of direct sun

- taste after 3 days

- once the beverage tastes like fermented, prepare a new brew of tea and sugar and repeat the process transferring the mother and starter from the old batch to the new batch

- prepare the pot and fix the strainer on the top

- lay out the cheese cloth or muslin

- strain the liquid from the old batch through the strainer and muslin

- add flavouring agent if you like

/ - if you prefer still drink adjust the sweetness to your liking and transfer preferably to swing-top bottles or any bottle which can be closed properly

/ - if you like your drink fizzy sweeten the brew a bit more than you like and transfer it to the bottles

- seal them and leave them to secondary ferment at room temperature for 1-2 days

- move to the fridge and drink preferably after a week or so allowing the flavours to combine (sweetness is decreasing with prolonged time of storage)

- kombucha fermented for 4-7 days is quite light, I assume that drinking 0.5 to 1 l per day should be fine

- well stored kombucha can taste great even after a half year