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WARNING: NSFW pictures coming

Me[edit | edit source]

I am Creatrix Tiara, a performance artist/burlesque performer/writer/producer based in Brisbane, Australia. I am doing a residency with CELLspace from mid-June to late August to expand my performance work and have a creative sexytimes adventure - exploring how the erotic/sexuality, identity, and creativity combine. | More about The San Fran Plan

LED lights idea[edit | edit source]

So this is an idea I've had bouncing in my head for a year now but have no idea how to accomplish (given that I have hardly any technical skill in electronics). But essentially I would like to perform a set with my body wrapped up in LED or fairy lights: (giving you URLs because some are NSFW)

[1] [2] [3]

What would be especially awesome is if the lights could be synced to music, touch, and/or arousal. I'm likely doing this solo but am open to a duo performance. I was thinking of somehow incorporating an OhMiBod because it's a vibrator that syncs to music...so if we can reverse engineer that it would be nifty ;)

The songs I was thinking of performing this to (what would be great is a mashup of all these songs into a long enough performance set):

Darren Hayes - Touch: [4] - the whole song uses electricity as a metaphor for sex/arousal/desire. check out the bridge. Katy Perry - E.T.: [5] - mostly the chorus where she talks about sex with a "foreigner/alien" (yay me :P) and the background beats Darren Hayes - I Like the Way: [6] - sexy darker song, I've always imagined gold glitter with this

What would be EXTRA awesome is to incorporate a rhythmic gymnastics ribbon (the one you twirl with a stick) that also has some sort of LED light or glitter or sparkle in there. Shiny, but not overwhelmingly bright.

I'm thinking the color scheme for the whole thing would be mostly gold - gold glitter, sparks and flecks of gold, both subtle and eyecatching.

Contact[edit | edit source]

If you're able to help or have ideas, please email me at me[at]creatrixtiara[dot]com as soon as possible. I'm not far from NoiseBridge and have a flexible schedule so I can come over when you need me to.

Thanks :-)