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Labels make organizing and finding things much easier and adding labels to things is most excellent!

There are label makers on the shelf between Hacker Alley and the work tables. They are used mostly to label relevant items with their nburl or to show where like items should go in a drawer or on a shelf - for example, "screwdrivers", "small plates", "M6-1.0x20mm Phil pan hd SS", etc. Labeling things like this helps you and others be able to find things where they expect them to be.

Tools or areas in the space often have a nburl address accompanied by a QR code. This allows users to scan them with their cell phones and be automatically taken to the address without having to type it out.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Comprehensive list of printable labels used for various reasons at Noisebridge.

Labels[edit | edit source]

  • File:Project labels.pdf - Labels to put on boxes or containers that contain people's projects, so that we can easily identify what stuff belongs to particular people, belongs to Noisebridge in general, or what is untouched junk. Unlabeled items may be chucked or hacked.