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This page contains information about Noisebridge's Kaitian 100W laser. You might be looking for Full Spectrum Laser, our older laser cutter, or information about our gigabit laser uplink to the internet. We also have a Laser Manual for the Kaitian laser cutter.

Kaitian CM1309

Some friends of Noisebridge from China have donate a really nice brand new, fully supported, laser cutter to Noisebridge!

You need training to use this laser; see the Laser Manual for details.

In February of 2016 we were approached by Beijing Kaitian Tech. Co., Ltd, after Mitch gave them a tour of Noisebridge they offered us a new 100w laser cutter as a donation (with the stipulation of us taking care of shipping costs). As of July 1st 2016 (and after a crazy adventure involving a rental truck, a forklift, and a lot of Indian pizza), we now have the laser in house. Please check out our action items to see what needs to happen next.



  • Laser: 100W
  • Working area: 1300mm × 900mm × 210mm / 51.1811in × 35.4331in × 8.26772in
  • Table size: 1360mm × 1080mm / 53.54331in × 42.51969in
  • Function: Engraving/Cutting
  • Workpiece maximum weight: 25kg / 55.1156lbs
  • Cutting speed (cm/min): ≤4800
  • Resolution ratio: 4000dpi


Exhaust Fan[edit]

  • 12 foot adjustable ventilation duct

Install Info[edit]

  • Reinstall (software) done on 1/6/2018 by Zach. USB driver seemed to install OK but RDWorks 8.01.28 would only get communication errors. Solution was to just copy old RDworksv8 folder from old C:/ to the new drive root. Older version tested and working.


Brochure for the Kaitian CM1309 laser cutter:


Pledge here for raising $6,000 buildout for our new laser cutter!

($4K for shipping, import tax, and warranty maintenance charge; $2K for direct room buildout)

Donations to the laser cutter project can be made here (also shows status of donations; currently <$2,500)

Donations are tax deductible