Laser Maintenance

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Periodic Maintenance (every couple weeks)[edit]

1. Clean the x and y axis belt

2. Clean the reflectors and the lens with a qtip and 95% rubbing alcohol. To access the lens, you can take off the laser tube, and then unscrew the top half from the bottom half (it appears to be stuck right now - we weren't strong enough to unscrew it, so if you see someone who's really strong at noisebridge, maybe we can ask them), and the lens is inside. The side of the lens that's reflective (you can see your face in it), is supposed to face up

Occasional Maintenance (twice a year)[edit]

Clean the wheel guide, and lubricate it.

As needed maintenance items[edit]

  • clean the external filters
  • clean under and behind laser cutter
  • clean internal filters
  • wash and scrub slats and honeycomb
  • check that max speed and power are set correctly

From Laser Manual[edit]

Please don't perform any maintenance on the machine (including cleaning lenses/mirrors or aligning mirrors) unless you've specifically trained on it.

  • TEMP note: some check(s) may be included outside of maintenance so a user can trigger a maintenance notification
  • DON'T - let someone who has been trained do it
  • how to tell if the lens is dirty (or getting old?)
  • how to tell if the mirrors are dirty
    • Cleaning the mirrors
      • ethanol solution? isopropanol? - see manual.
      • fabric must be non scratch - see manual.
  • Checking and performing mirror alignment
    • Safety - remove gratings and any other reflective surfaces before any maintenance that requires disabling the door sensors.
    • TEMP note: in restrospect the alignment was a very dangerous situation. mirror paths were not checked before powering on the laser with the door open with many people around. (or maybe nigel is just insanely good at configuring mirrors... still...
    • Tape test - mirrors 1,2,3 and their corresponding exits. Slightly propped laser tube.
    • vertical/horizontal alignment by brass dial.
  • Checking chiller tank water volume
    • Chiller alarm - what does it mean
    • Checking tank water volume
    • Refilling tank water
  • Cleaning the bed and waste drawer (this section probably should be moved to usage)