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Wednesday July 8, 7pm

This will be a brief presentation all about lasers from laser safety, what makes laser light special, theory and operation of lasers and how to incorporate lasers to make your artistic projects more interesting. Marc will be bringing some demonstrations, but he's prepared to discuss how you would go about making the tools yourself. So that they're safe even.

This will be your chance to get answers to any questions you may have about safe and creative things to do with lasers. He even has experience working with them on the playa, so will be able to talk about special issues there, as well.

The presenter, Marc Hertlein, is a Research Scientist with the Advanced Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley labs, as well as roboticist with SWARM.

Here are some of the links from the talk:

• Physics 2000 Lots of explanations of quantum mechanics & laser concepts Simple, and very insightful

• Easy-Haz calculator The only (?) free laser hazard calculator out there…

• Green laser pointer dissection

• Green diode lasers Scientific American article, April 2009