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Noisebridge meeting 2018-09-11

Meeting Notes are at; help us take notes!

Moderator: Rebecca

Note taker(s): Suyash Joshi

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Introductions - Name, Pronouns, What you hack on[edit]

Beka - She/Her: type theory, haskell, teach laser cutter

Jeremy - Any pronouns: C, C++, Web dev hacker

Juan - He/Him, Functional Programming Hacker, Carbon Footprint Estimation Software

Laura - 1st timer at Noiserbige, IOT Hacker

Blake - he/him - IOT Connected Devices Meetup Organizer (Thurs)

Tyler - he/him - IOT Hacker, Robotics Engineer, Mechanical Engieering and CAD modelling as well

Ahmed - hacks on multiple things depending on mood and interest, here to hack and have fun

Luke - he/him, background is in architecture and is interested in Laser Edged Art projects

Juan - he/him, Security HAcker,Jeewlellers,

Suyash - he/him - performs magic tricks, passion is combining magic and technology, interactive art related to that

Justin - he/him, make laser bongs and other inventions and also incorporate magic in it

Matt - he/him, working on using a Depth Camera for 3D prntintg

Lisa - she/her, building a VR museum and art gallery and doing Aaron Swartz Day

Matt - he/him, Microcontroller, Laser Cutting, Modelling 3D, working on Laser Bongs and also on Fashion Tech kit targeted to Fashion Designers

Ryan - he/him, Jack of All traders except for Medical and Programming, here to help run VR and trying to be helpful to anyone else at Noisebridge

Katherine - she/her, she does nothing :)

James - he / him. Hacks on Science Fiction, Fantasy, Audio and Photography

Mo - he / his / him . New to the place and is happy to be here :)

Olu - he/him. Python and Swift hacker and wants to learn about JavaScript.

Jonathan - he/him - music, connecting music to physical things

Mark - Does game stuff. if you like games, talk to me! if you don't, tell me something interesting not related to games!

Matt - he/him. He does Unity stuff!


Ryan - Noisebridge is a doacratically run hacker space that allows people to work on whatever projects they want and particiate in any way as long as they are excellent to each other. For example if you are working on a project that disturbs others, let them know. Ask for help if you need help, Offer help if you can to others. Participation in running Noisebridge is not required, money (donation) helps.

Ryan: Noisebridge has an open door policy to anyone who has been here and is excellent to others. Normal hours are 10am - 11 pm, just ring the doorbell and wait for someone to let you in. On busy nights, people hangout beyond 11 pm.

Ryan: You can become a member or philanthropist and get 24 X 7 access.

Safe Space[edit]

James: Safe Space Policy means being in the space in a way that is non threating and not being creepy to others. Differences in opinion can be worked out. Don't make others feel uncomfortable. If someone says you are making them uncomfortable, apologize immeditaely and leave that area.

Ryan: Stand up for others even if you don't know them. Anyone can ask anyone else to leave if they feel uncomfortable. Near the entrance door, read the safe space policy.


Blake: Thursday 13 Sept : IOT (Pi etc) Meetup hacking on Cellular Network at 6pm

Amid - Global climate action in SF for the next few days, events are free to attend!

Lisa - DJ's are organizing a party at DNA Lounge on Nov 9th (Friday) evening as part of Aaron Swartz Day weekend. You can demo projects such as Brain Interface, VR, IOT etc.

Matt - Gig board so people can post jobs, look for jobs, etc. please dont get into bidding wars, be excellent

Matt (@rando) - we're fundraising for NB's future! if you want to help, get in touch!

Ryan - This weekend, helping run an interesting Legacy Film Festival on the subject of 'Aging, Ageism and Science around Aging' in SF. You will be old someday too :)

Ryan - End of this weekend, Japanese Film Festival if hapenning. There will be animated feature films, food films and rare ones.

Ryan - City College just started the first Leather Working Class in the bay area, they are quite interested in coming to Noisebridge to hack. If you are a SF Resident, city college classes are free for you. They have high end sewing machines etc.

Katherine : Oct 26th there will be Halloween Party at Noisebridge! Recommended donations are $5. On that night you shouldn't work on projects as there will be a party happening.

Beca : From now on we are open for 24 hours for anyone starting this Friday (only on Friday's).


Rebecca - Lisa has a membership applications.

Lisa - To be a Philantropist, it means to be on the lookout for good people (who can help, donate), you can help show around the place. Noisebridge is a great place to work on activism related projects, that is what made her become a Philanthropist.

Lisa - Became philanthropist today!

Mark - Became Philanthropist today!

Ryan - What skills do you need to learn to be an excellent Philanthropist ? You need to know how to Open Noisebridge and Lock it Down if you are the last one out. It is also expected that you will be able to donate money (any sum like $80 etc) on monthly basis. Suggest any changes you feel like, discussion is encouraged.

Rebecca - We are stuck with the term 'Philanthropist' however it's just a name. You need to fill out teh form and get a member to endorse you. If a mamber says you are no longer a Philanthropist, you loose that right.

Matt - This place needs people who are makers and hackers, just apply to become a Philanthropist and join the community.

Rebecca : Membership is lot like Philanthrophy, Members can also grant people's tokens, grant endoresements to others to become members. If no other members objects, then you become a member. The Role of member also allows Blocking on Consensus items. If you care deeply about Noisebridge's culture, preserving it's existense you should apply to become a member. You will need 2 other people who endorse you.

Consensus Items[edit]

Consensus is the way decisionsa are made at Noisebridge. You ask people and take thier input, it's about Doacracy.

Consensus is about big changes affecting Noisebridge, such as Non Profit Beurocratic items etc.

You make a consensus proposal, put it in the wiki/binder. After 2 weeks if no changes are made or no objections to it, it becomes a doctrine.

Anyone can have input or discuss Concensus items. Only 'members' can block them.

Ideally you should talk to people before making the consensus item. If it is not worded well, or not gettting approved, generally it means you haven't it discussed well.

Beka - Hire SK[edit]

Noisebrige will be moving out of it's current location in less than a year. We need money, ideally $4 million dollars to purchase the building. We recently got $100,000.00 donation from Handshake however we need lot more and we have very little time left.

Text of the Consensus Item: "Noisebridge will hire Scandiuzzi Krebs for fundraising w/ a cost of up to $29,000 (per their highest estimated price). The Fundraising WG will then be responsible for interfacing w/ them to organize further."

They do not make commision, thier reputation is on the line for this project.

The fundraising process is very complicated, such as contacting the right people at large organizations, write grants etc. These peolpe are professionals at this.

Ryan: Noisebridge has a large group of people and we need consistent messaging that is communicated externally to organizations who will donate money.

Suyash: $29k is a decent chunk of money. can they give us some kind of discount??

Beka: probably not?

Suyash: can we pay later (Amid: or escrow?)

Beka: no

Rando: We have been working with this company for last 5ish months, there is documentation about why and how we selected them on the wiki ( WE are running out of time. There is also Noisebrige Space Rrogram detailing more information, all the information is on the wiki.

Ryan: if you want examples of why we need professionals, just try to find a single consistent explanation of NB on the wiki

Jeremy: Are hey be transparent with the cost structure ?

Beka : They gave us documents detailing how they will spend the $29k. That is the maximum we will end up paying them for thier services.

There were no objections. We have consensus!

Discussion Items[edit]

Blake: IOT event[edit]

Blake : 64 people have signed up for IOT Event, around 30-35 will probably show up on Thursday. How do we handle the crowd and utilize this space ? - Ask them for donations - Ask for help / volunteers - Comer early and put a notice on the HAckatorum Table that there will be an event here, people can then move to other place in NB. - We do have more chairs and tables, just ask people if you can borrow those - Discuss on NB Slack for more

Mark: Hack Night[edit]

Mark : Curious if anyone can speak about the 24 hours experiment they other day

- It went really well! We're probably going to do it every Friday! This Friday we're doing it again!

Alex: Future of Programming[edit]

Alex : Future of Programming Event, is it still hapenning ?

- Not anymore but Alex and Owen are interested in restarting the meetup, if interested, reach out to 'lxpk' on Slack

Suyash: Hosting a Meetup[edit]

Suyash: I started a meetup for artists and programmers, Creative Technologists. How can we host events at NB, schedule wise, meetup logistics, etc?

Rando: NB is open to anyone who wants to host an event, the only thing to do is check the current events on the events page and also the meetup to make sure you're not conflicting with anything else. Thursdays are usually open. Have a nice description, a good picture, etc. then find someone who has access to meetup to manage the meetup event (or become a meetup admin).

Suyash: How many people for the max attendees?

Rando: No real # is applicable, it should be as open as possible. Fire occupancy? But there's a finite amount of space.


Ryan & Rando: Classes![edit]

Ryan : Noisebridge does not have consistently taught classes or even events anymore. We used to have Circuit Hacking Monday's etc. We would like to bring back more classes, however we need instructors and participants for them. Message on slack (@pyconaut) with ideas for classes!

  • Beka can teach Functional Programing, Type Theory etc
  • Rando is happy to teach electronics, 3D modelling etc. We have Laser Cutting class etc however the more instructors we have the better. We would like to host more beginner and advance level classes and also bring back the student and encourage them to become instructors. We also would like to build and sell kits to students, it provides income to instructors as well as donations to Noisebrige. There will be classes on Manufacturing etc.
  • Beka : A good model for charging money is to setup a Meetup (external Meetup) at Noisebridge, if only 'X' number of people sign up, you will get paid only if 'X' number of people will come. Ask people for money before you start a class, get people's commitment before. Classes are great source of income, TechShop charged $250/month for just safety training class. Teaching class is a lucrative business model that helps all. You can have a class on whatever you want.
  • Jeremy : He is interested in giving talks and preparing lessons on Circuit Hacking etc.
  • Rando : Creating lesson takes a lot of work upfront, however, once created, we can license the curriculum etc.
  • Ryan : You can use income from class and buy tools for Noisebridge etc so you can teach more classes etc. They talks don't have to be technical, or technology related, you can teach any kind of class that anyone else may want to attend.

Class/Idea Poll : What people would like to take / teach :

  • iOS
  • Python
  • Magic Tricks
  • Data Visualization
  • Photoshop / Premire Pro
  • Modern C
  • Infosec / cyber security
  • Woodshop Safety, Cleaning and Maintaining Tools
  • Mixed Media Design and Hacking