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Cummins 7x12 miniLathe.jpg

The motor belt for the older green Grizzly 7x12 lathe was missing, and the newer yellow Cummins had a broken speed controller and missing compount slide leadscrew, so I moved the electronics box and compound slide Grizzyly to the Cummins, and it worked in low gear, but not in high gear. I turned a few test pieces in low gear and it seemed fine. Took the headstock off and the plastic gear is missing a number of teeth. We might be able to pull a gear from the Grizzly, and there are plastic and metal replacement gears available, but I can't seem to press the shaft out of the bearings in order to replace it. An arbor press might be necessary. I have a project to do on it, so it will be back together next week (the week of May 2), but it'll only work in low gear. If we can get the shaft out, here's the link to the metal replacement gear that won't shatter like the plastic one did. Let me know if you have ideas or want to help. Adrian Kelly, - full instructions for using an maintaining our lathes and others like them.

Tooling: Takes 3/8" x 2.5" tool stock

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