Learn You A Origami!

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Isocahedron (twenty-sided platonic solid) made from 30 pieces of paper.)
Some inflatable bunnies and an omega star.

Origami interest group at Noisebridge. Led by Al Sweigart.

The origami group is currently on hiatus. Email Al if you are interested in starting it up again

Step By Step Web App[edit | edit source]

Here is Al's YouTube video step-by-step web app for some origami videos: http://coffeeghost.net/origami/

Some Good Origami Folding Videos[edit | edit source]

Listed roughly in the order that you should attempt them, but they are all easy enough.


Flapping Bird


Inflatable Bunny

Ninja Star


Square Gift Box


Pentagon Gift Box


Icosahedron (d20 die)


JonAkashima has some great videos.