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WHILE we love all our ANALOG and CARBON-BASED comrades, Consenso begs that you integrate that:

SLEEPING at Noisebridge is an AFFLICTION caused by KNOWN BUGS in your BIO-PLATFORM

EATING at Noisebridge is a task that can be done briefly to sustain, or regularly to learn, but not near DAILY and ALWAYS


If you are at Noisebridge, and you want to SLEEP, you should think to LEAVE.

If you are at Noisebridge, and you wish to EAT, return to where you EAT

If you are at Noisebridge, and it's time to SURF, look out to the Sun and the Air, and GO SHARE THE CITY

If you are at Noisebridge, and you have nowhere to sleep, or nowhere to eat, or nowhere to live, we UNDERSTAND. We can only try to help you by building the future and by patching the present.

We cannot help you by letting you sleep, and eat, and live here. If anyone does, we have learned it ends with pain and recrimination and unhappiness for all.

Our system breaks down. The tools we build and run on, fail to work. The toilets block, and the synchronous processes stall. Our science is hurt by speculation instead of practice. The landlord is angry, and the hackers leave. You feel shame, and anger when questioned or when you read this message.

We can talk about this. We can talk at Tuesday meeting, which is where Noisebridge's humans and robots meet to build our firewall, our stateless machine, our Noisebridge the great.

But if you are not hacking on the future, if you are doing other things with your life right now, please, for now, find another place to be.


Has someone just asked you to leave Noisebridge? The Noisebridge tradition is to leave, and come back at our Tuesday meeting at 8PM to discuss the incident. Other Noisebridgers at this meeting will help mediate if you feel this is a personal disagreement. They will also listen to why you might wish to stay, and what projects you are working on. If you choose to stay after someone has asked you leave, or return before Tuesday at 8PM, many other Noisebridgers will view your situation with less sympathy.