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  • Topics are wide open...WE are here to learn by doing, teach by sharing what WE learn, and create by collaborating...
  • ALL user levels are ALWAYS welcome and newbies are very sought after...
  • People wanting to share cool things and teach them please come by...
  • Students in GNU/Linux classes, Sys.Admin/N.A./D.B.A./Web.Dev/Coding and others encouraged to come...
  • Projection, whiteboards, ssh to each other's boxes(if WE want), and cool toys will be used...
  • Any and all positive knowledge and wisdom is welcome and the time-slot can be used for specific topics/teaching if/when needed...current projects of interest include but are NOT limited to:
  • hide browsing data usage when tethering with TOTALLY FREE/OPEN SOFTWARE
  • yes. your phone(s) work without google.
  • the beauty of the web without google, yahoo, facecrook, and you know the others...
  • partitioning phone(s)
  • kewl things you can do with BSD that is non network/security related
  • testing MOSH security and functionality
  • rotating encryption
  • ssh and other encryption(s)
  • all things GNU/Linux
  • running freeBSD and openBSD on a dual partition to easily compare them
  • redundant firewalls
  • sandboxes
  • installing DEBIAN in a BSD jail
  • the ZSH shell and why is everyone saying it's badassery?
  • putting up a 'totally secure'(yes, WE are going to try) network @ NB and trying to break it
  • killing gov. and other tracking/spying/privacy invasion and re-routing it
  • creating a TOTALLY FREE/OPEN-SOURCE phone that can use both towers and satellite(s)
  • TOTALLY FREE/OPEN-SOURCE website design and implementation
  • creating a TOTALLY FREE/OPEN-SOURCE secure browser that can be installed one piece at a time(install only what you want)
  • learning to write beautiful code

many others plus whatever you bring with you