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We use little green light to track donations & messages sent to donors.

Extracting mailing or email addresses[edit]

We have custom designed Noisebridge thank you post cards courtesy of Jarred and Autumn Express Printing. These are currently in the Responsible People locker beside the Ordibooth. You will find that most people don't have address info in LGL (because sometimes we get it from Stripe, but usually we don't). So if you want to thank people comprehensively you may want to do both email and post cards.

To get mailing addresses or emails, hit All Constituents

Little Green Light All Constituents Search Button

Fill in your search criteria. You probably want all the people that donated within a certain time frame. In this case search via the "Gift dates" field. There's lots of other search fields too.

Little Green Light Search Results With Mail Button

Hit Send Mail or Send Email, depending on what you want. If you hit Send Mail there are options to download formatted address labels.


If you are contacting constituents for an event, LGL can keep everything organized for you!

Go to the Events tab.

Little Green Light Events Tab

Inside the Events tab, go to the Segments tab. The Action button is where you can do regular things and have them categorized with the correct event and segment (adding consituents, sending email, etc)

Little Green Light Event Segment Action button

Adding gifts (money or in kind)[edit]

This is under Fundraising

Little Green Light Add GIft Button

You can add any kind of gift (money, in kind donation for equipment, etc), and include the constituent it was from and other details.

Little Green Light Add GIft Button