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Livestreaming Options[edit]

   Jitsi - Selfhosted, no registration required
   Zoom - Proprietary and works nicely
   Facebook Live (used by NGALAC and Gamebridge)
   Youtube Live (used by NGALAC and Gamebridge)
   Google Hangouts (being phased out)
   Twitch (used by NGALAC and Gamebridge)
   Steam (used by NGALAC and Gamebridge)
   Mumble - Selfhosted, no registration required

Jitsi video integrations[edit]

  Best for calls with less than 10 users
  Disabling video will improve performance.
  No registration required
  • Embeds w/ Discuss Forum -
  • Slack Integration w/ Bot support
  • Etherpad Integration, as used in our Meetings
  • S3 Integration for files, used by the space + our Unicorn server via Minio service

Zoom video integrations[edit]

  • Zoom videoconferencing is possible using the Noisebridge Zoom account.
  Credentials will be available in the SocialmediaWG keepass database.
  Basic account currently limited to 40 minutes and 100 participants.
  • Many volunteers have full Zoom accounts available.
  • Slack Integration
  • Discuss Forum Integration