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Locksport is about learning about locks and the art of picking locks for fun and competition.

  • EVENTS: TOOOL-SF third Sundays
  • RESOURCES: Picksets and practice locks.
  • MAINTAINERS: Volunteer

The goal is to learn about different methods about compromising locks, from shims, to picks, to bump keys, to hydrologic jacks. The goal is that it will be a hands on group with members sharing what they know.

Lockpick tools and sets[edit | edit source]

Practice locks[edit | edit source]

  • Get a kwikset deadbolt lock. They cost about $16 dollars at a lock hardware store. They're a nice

size, easy to open and a great practice lock. You might get more than one, that way you can take one apart and re-pin it however you like for practice

  • If you've mastered the kwikset, a simple masterlock padlock is a good next lock to try. Also very cheap.

History[edit | edit source]

Original Locks! group started with the following:

When people want to. Usually Sunday afternoon. Join the list:


If you want to find out about meeting.

If you are interested please leave your "name" here:


  • Kaya email firefaerie@psyreal.net
  • Jacob Ervin email jacobkyle88@gmail.com


    • August Wolff

Older Lock Pages[edit | edit source]