Ludum Dare 50

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Ludum Dare 50 is the 20th anniversary of Ludum Dare, a worldwide game jam that happens a couple times a year.

April 1-4 2022, Noisebridge is celebrating NB14 anniversary weekend with a Stupid Hackathon 8 and a Ludum Dare 50 gathering at the space and on Noisebridge Discord. Ludum Dare game devs are encouraged to participate in and share our work for a worldwide video game jam called Ludum Dare.

We will be having an introductory meeting/brainstorming session in the Hackitorium area(with food and drinks!) this Friday at 6pm, but we will be around all day during public hours to meet and greet participants. Sunday or Monday night, for those who hang around, will be a presentation session where we get to show off all our cool work and have a good laugh at each other! We will discuss on Friday a good time for everyone to meet up for the finale 'presentation session'.

The worldwide contest officially runs 6PM Friday until either: 6PM Monday for teams or 6PM Sunday for individuals working from scratch (for details, see Any questions, concerns, or conflicts, email Hope to see you there!