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MAID is (Mutually) Assured Information Destruction: "Maid cleans up after you're no longer around."

General overview[edit]

M.A.I.D. is a framework that provides time sensitive remote key escrow and provable authentication with optional distress coding. It automatically destroys cryptographic keys after a given user configurable time threshold is crossed.


  • Provable authentication (with either local or remote attestation)
  • Cryptographic key storage on remote systems
  • Optional distress coding during authentication
  • Time sensitive user configurable key destruction
  • Strong multi-party anonymity is a requirement for participation.

Threat model[edit]

Example use case[edit]

Software specification[edit]

Client specification[edit]

Server specification[edit]

Legal information[edit]

We believe this system will possibly work exactly one time for a single person. Consult with a qualified lawyer or solicitor in your legal jurisdiction. You may be that single lucky person.


M.A.I.D was initially discussed by it's creator Jacob Appelbaum at the Chaos Computer Club's 22nd Communications Congress in the winter of 2005.