MAPP April 7

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Here is the official MAPP Facebook event:

Information for the MAPP program =[edit | edit source]

1. Noisebridge Hackerspace

2. 2169 Mission 3rd floor, between 18th and 17th

3. James Sundquist and Ruth Grace Wong


  • . Beginning and ending time for each performer. Followed by name of performer and a 3 to 4 word description. *
  • If you have a visual exhibition. Please include the name of exhibition, artist and 3 word description. *


7pm Learn to use the Laser Cutter

9pm Learn to use the Laser Cutter

8-10pm Gnar Karaoke!

6:30PM -- 10pm Artist Exhibition in our public community-run workshop/event space


  • Leave Me Alone Sweater by Ruth Grace Wong
  • Cere Davis
  • New Fashion Line by Silver

Exhibitor/Event Sign Up[edit | edit source]

Please fill out the form here BY MIDNIGHT ON SATURDAY MARCH 31:

Volunteer Schedule[edit | edit source]

We would like to have at least three people signed up to be greeters at all hours during the event (6:30pm to 10pm). Please put your name and volunteer time commitment (you don't have to stay for the whole event if you don't want to).

  • John Doe Example Person: Volunteering as a greeter 6:30-9pm
  • Jarrod Hicks Example Person: Volunteering as a greeter / cleaner / general help 18:30 - 23:00

Organizing To Do[edit | edit source]

Outreach: exhibits due Monday -- send out form and have people fill it out by Sat midnight Recruit greeters -- three people at all times during the event Slack'd on #general and emailed to Announce

Get ingredients for bar

Make Slack channel -- James

Make Volunteer schedule -- James

Make and Facebook -- James

passing out programs -- James will pick up

Curate exhibitors (add extra exhibits about things already in the space if necessary) -- Ruth

Write talking points for greeters ** We need to ask for donations!! **

James is in charge of organizing greeters (making sure they know what to say and creating a schedule)

Ruth is in charge of organizing exhibitors and bartender

Make a sign to put on the street during the event

Gnar Karaoke is run by Lee

Bar is run by Lady Red (and she's looking for an assistant)