Machine Learning Meetup Notes: 2008-12-17

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These are the mostly-raw notes from the machine learning group meeting on 2008-12-17.

People attending: Bill, Jean, Jeremy, Josh, Matt, Mike, Praveen (and ruben made a cameo)

Here's what the people who attended were interested in:



  • in the past work on optimization of functions (optimization theory), interested in just learning anything


  • interested in learning and absorbing new info




  • working at ucsf doing cognitive research
  • interested in exploring/surveying different techniques (taxonomy)
  • in particular with applications in eeg/fmri us
  • Python MultiVariate Pattern Analysis, a python packages that implements a lot of Multivariate pattern analysis algorithms
  • GNU Octave, the GNU implementation of matlab (good matlab replacement for PCA)


  • currently @ linden lab
  • worked with gene expresssion data mining, music preference and basket analysis,
  • looking to collaborate on anything, wanting to get more hands on PCA experience
  • perl script that will make million$
  • Swarm Development Group Wiki,
  • Self-organizing maps, a neural network technique he's worked with in the past
  • Ape Genius (NOVA), source of some anecdotes we shared (chapter 6)


  • facial recognition anecdotes

Collaborative project kick off for year end 2008[edit]

  • Create a survey/taxonomy list of ML techniques -- when setting out to do a particular machine learning task, what is the shortlist of techniques/tools/insights?