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The Noisebridge-Announce mailing list exists for making announcements about events happening at Noisebridge.[edit]

Posts go out to the hundreds or thousands of subscribers, so it is a great way to get word out about your events at Noisebridge. In addition, posts automatically get Tweeted on the Noisebridge Twitter account. They also often get forwarded to Laughingsquid and other event sites.

To make the best of your posts, please include the following:

  • have a catchy subject. "Five Minutes of Fame, November 25" is good (the date is optional but beneficial). "We are having a workshop next month at Noisebridge about Processing" is not good.
  • contain the following essential information in the body of the email:
    • What is the event about? (It's nice to include both a one-sentence and a one-paragraph version.)
    • When is the event?
    • Where is the event? Make sure you state that the event is at Noisebridge.
  • optional: a link to a wiki page for more information.
  • include any necessary information or prerequisites (such as: "Please have Processing installed on your laptop before coming to the workshop, or, alternatively, please show up an hour early for help getting Processing installed.")

If you do not include all of the essentials, or if your post is about an event not happening at Noisebridge, the list moderator will not approve your post.

List Admin/Moderator Responsibilities[edit]

If you are a list moderator you will receive an email every time someone posts to the Announce email list. In the email will be a link to click to "Accept", "Reject", or "Discard" the post. You also have the option to ban the email address that made the post.

  • "Accept" posts that are events at Noisebridge, and that also include the essentials needed for all posts: Where, What, When.
  • "Discard" spam posts -- for these, please ban the sender (and click the box and radio button to automatically discard future posts from the sender).
  • "Reject" posts that don't fit the "Accept" category. This also gives you the opportunity to send a note to the sender about why the post was rejected. (If the post is a relevant reply to an Announce post, or if the post is for a cool event not at Noisebridge, you may want to ask the sender to post to the Noisebridge Discussion email list, where interested people will see it.)

Note, there is also the option to "Defer" posts -- this leaves the post for you or another Admin/Moderator to handle at a later time.

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