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Welcome to ZiPChain: an online mailing list for readers and contributors of ZiP: Zine in Progress, a Noisebridge-related quarterly megazine. Now that you've joined the ZiPChain Gang, your life will improve immeasurably. Within weeks, possibly days, you will be unable to believe, when glancing back in memory, that there was ever a time you lived without ZiPChain in your life, so pervasively and seductively has it infiltrated your life, wound itself about you, linking you to so many wonderful things. Not holding you captive, like a prisoner in chains, but quite the contrary. You find yourself fully experiencing life for the first time: your eyes open, your every desire within reach, your dreams blossoming into brilliant realities, your very soul soaring like a pterodactyl to heights unguessed.

But first, a word from our sponsors.


A number of wealthy philanthropic members of the robot and android communities reached deeply and generously into their pockets to make this fabulous experiment in self-publishing possible.

ZiP is a Fluid and Seminal Vestuary of the Hackerzine Variety, published on a quasi-quarterly basis by Noisepress, a print shop in development. Info and a wiki-blog for ZiP can be found here,. The customized ZiP web portal is under construction as of early January 2012 and a link will appear here soon.

Inquiries, submissions and letters to the editor(s) should be directed to