Maker Faire Build Night 2015-04-02

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This is part of the Noisebridge Booth for Maker Fair 2015 project

The project continues.

This week we make significant progress toward getting this thing to start looking like a table. We had a good build night and then cheated a little on friday to move to the wiring phase more quickly.

Amber cuts and Julio Joins

I gave a brief lesson on how to use the biscuit joiner and Julio and Amber were off and running. Cutting the holes for joining the legs and assembling them went pretty smoothly.

Howard and Andrew cut the stiffeners for the internal structure of the table

There was also a fair amount of table saw work going on. These will be part of internal stiffening waffle system which will improve the strength and stability of the table.

Glue, stronger than wood

For the joints that need to be very strong, we are sticking with biscuit joints. Sort of.

We need more clamps.

Part of the strategy is to always be working on another piece of the table while the glue on the last one(s) is drying. If you are working with glue, don't wait to cut out all the parts to begin assembly.

Fast and also Fun

This is the Kreg pocket hole jig. It clamps to the edge of the work piece that is to be joined and let's one cut an angled pilot hole for assembling sheet goods.

Seems to be working.

The pocket hole screws are designed to clamp the two joined pieces of wood together. The threads of the screw dig into the undrilled piece of wood and pull the head of the screw into it. This tightens and clamps the wood together. In practice, it seems to work really well, and the screws are inexpensive. It is important to avoid over tightening the screws, which is easy to do so some feel is needed with the screw gun.

And suddenly, a table.

The legs are on, and once the stiffeners are in place we can start the wiring. I will order the parts this week.