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Artistic figure drawing sessions featuring male models.

  • We will begin March 2014, sessions are morning/afternoon weekends (natural light)
  • Location will be either at Noisebridge in Church or at SudoRoom in Oakland


For some reason almost 100% of the figure drawing sessions in San Francisco seem to have female models. We have Dr Sketchy's, we have the art schools, but it's nearly impossible to find any sessions with male models. This is weird and doesn't make a lot of sense.

How are kids going to learn how to draw superhero comics properly?

Let's fill the gap in the market!


We need male models, preferably people who don't look like superheroes. Older, round, short, interesting looking people are always more fun to draw.

  • Models hold poses in sessions of 5, 10, 20 minutes.
  • Donations-based pay with minimum donation of $40 donations for two hours of the model's work time.


We need a pool of interested people to share the cost of paying the model.

Ringleader: Romy


I suggest the classroom (Church) section of Noisebridge, as it's close to natural light and slightly shut off from the rest of the space.


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