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[edit] Managed Stove Project

Our stove is too dumb and not managed. Let's fix this!

[edit] Requirements

  • IPv6-addressable with SNMPv3
  • running via management over a custom TLS GUI
  • using a Noisebridge-issued certificate
  • using strongly entropic serial numbers to keep certain people from braking it...
  • goes from 0 to 7000 BTU's in six seconds

[edit] Marketing Survey

  • What color should the stove be?
  • Will the stove require changeable side panels?
  • Are people generally interested in nasally-fitted stoves?

[edit] Common Stove Runtime

This section is for discussion of a Common Stove Runtime (CSR) that is capable of supporting multiple stoves with different requirements. Multiple different stoves can interoperate using the CSR, allowing us to mix and match parts from one stove to another.

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