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JET JET-15 Mill / Drill

Noisebridge Jet 15.png

Appears to be an older version of the JMD-15 Mill Drill

We have a JET-15 milling machine. The manual is elusive and hard to find online, but we keep a copy in a binder in the metalshop.

It mostly works, however:

  • The spindle is prone to overheating and needs to be lubricated somehow.
  • There is no spindle brake that we know of, you might want to use a strap wrench to hold onto the spindle while tightening / loosening the drawbar.

Quill feed[edit | edit source]

JET 15 mill fine feed.jpg

To engage or disengage the fine feed, slide the black ring on the quill lever's shaft.

  • Pull right to disengage fine feed.
  • Push left to engage fine feed. You might need to rotate the handwheel a bit until it meshes with the ring.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

  • 21 April 2024: The power plug was not fully enclosed, meaning metal shavings could get in. Replaced the power cable
  • 20 April 2024: Removed rust from mill bed, fixed quill feed mechanism