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Unfortunately this computer did not make it[edit]

The Noisebridge Media Center (NBMC) is a PC called Horsy running some software hooked up to our main projector in the common space. People can use this to play video content off of Pony, for presentations, or other things that require a big screen.

How to use[edit]

Getting videos and music onto the media center[edit]

The media center machine, Horsy, has little to no hard drive space. It's only meant to run software to play movies and music. If you have stuff you want to play on the machine, here are your options:

  • Put it on Pony, some instructions on how
  • Plug in a thumb drive via USB, Gnome automount is on. If automount doesn't work, pmount is available.
  • Access a network share (really fucking annoying)
  • Just plug in your own machine into the projector


Horsy is running Xbox Media Center (XBMC) which has a web interface.


There might also be a keyboard and mouse hooked up to the machine which can control the media center.

Keyboard Shortcuts

If XBMC isn't running, one will have to VNC in and run it or use the keyboard. ALT+F2 in Gnome will being up a run bar, feed it xbmc.

If XBMC freezes up, to kill it you can run this command from the machine...

killall /usr/local/share/xbmc/xbmc.bin

or this command remotely...

ssh mediacenter@horsy.noise killall /usr/local/share/xbmc/xbmc.bin


It's running MPD.


If you want to plug in an MP3 player, such as an iPod, there should be a 1/8" cable sticking out of Horsy with a label stating so. There's no need to switch the input.


VNC is running

Address:  horsy.noise:5900
Password: mediacenter



Need more shell access? Talk to rubin110.




  • Debian Lenny 5.0
  • Xbox Media Center
  • VLC
  • MPD