Meeting Notes 2008 04 08

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Talk about "members" and "Members", and maybe even nail down the language to complete the Bylaws to present to everyone for comments, so we can mail them in to become incorporated as a CA non-profit corporation.

We met on 8 April and discussed possible options for organizing, given the constraints we would have with California law. By the end of the night, I remember there being a rough idea along these lines:

0) Have a small Board consisting of the 3 exec officers (CEO, Secretary, and Treasurer). Possibly 5 members to allow for one or two absences while still having a quorum. The role of the Board, as Paul pointed out in his comments, would be to moderate. The role of the exec officers would be to execute the will of the membership, plus take care of bookkeeping (e.g. financials).

1) Have legal capital-M "Members" who would act as "Stewards" for Noisebridge. A Steward's role would be oversight - to make sure the Board and the executive officers are doing the right thing. As a capital-M Member, Stewards would have the rights outlined in the law, including the right to call meetings, toss out the Board, and so on. The idea is that a Steward is supposed to look after the interests of the club as a whole, and everyone would pick initial Stewards with that in mind.

2) Have small-m "members" who come to the place, use Noisebridge resources, work on projects, and so on and so forth. These members are not capital-M Members under the meaning of the law, but there would be some process by which someone could become a Steward. We didn't finalize what such a process would look like.

We then decided to write up a bylaws draft with this concept and send it out to get everyone's feedback. That has not yet happened, I think due to people becoming busy. (I know I was supposed to help out, and I missed at least one irc meeting, for example.)

If I forgot or misstated something, please someone let me know.

-David Molnar