Meeting Notes 2008 06 03

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We met at Peoples' Cafe, in Berkeley.

This was a fun meeting. People socialized and showed off projects. Mitch showed a little microcontroller that faded Red, Green, and Blue light (all in one RGB LED package) at various rates to light up a small shot glass with a rainbow of changing colors. Noah talked about his analog LED tree sculptures (I can't remember the name of it), which has all of the circuit elements functioning more than just circuitry, making it more organic. He also showed a website with a photo of a bookshelf he made that looks like something from Antoni Gaudi -- vary organic-looking. David presented his software that monitors software, creates assertions about it based on its actions, and determines bugs from the assertions (I can't remember the name of his software, either). From there discussion ensued on many topics, included hash codes used for passwords, and a few other topics that engaged everyone.

We briefly discussed the bylaws. But didn't get into it much, since some people, including Jake and Matt, are out jet-setting.