Meeting Notes 2008 06 10

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We met at Muddy's, a cafe on Valencia at 16th St. in SF.

We talked about open source hardware (electronic and mechanical). Andy showed off his new Eee PC. And various other concepts and projects...

Since most Noisebridge travelers who are interested in the bylaws will be in town next Tuesday, we decided that next Tuesday will be the meeting where all those interested will be locking ourselves in a room, and no one gets out till we have a completed version of the bylaws. There will be two versions of the bylaws ready to choose from, already written up: option 1 (without big-M Members), and option 2 (with big-M Members).

If we choose Option 2, it has been suggested that we have a lawyer (perhaps Carol Gee, who we met with earlier about our bylaws) take a look at them before mailing in our bylaws (since bylaws with big-M Members are more complex, legally). David has graciously offered to pay for an hour of lawyer fees for this.