Meeting Notes 2008 06 24

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Stuff To Talk About[edit]

  1. Progress by Carol Gee on bylaws (and Wendy Seltzer's suggestions if applicable)
  2. Bank account, see Bank Choices
  3. Potential spaces for visiting
  4. Project ideas! Rachel has projects she wants to discuss, bring your own.

Meeting Notes[edit]

In attendance: Al, Noah, David, Andy, Jake

  1. No conclusion from Carol yet on bylaws
  2. Briefly reviewed bank choices. General sense was that most of the banks are good, we should just pick one. Some thought that a credit union would be preferable, but we need to call and firm up terms for bank choices page. Can't open bank account until incorporation goes through in any case.
  3. We looked at spaces on Craigslist. At least ten spaces passed our first-level filter and will be added to the spaces page. Two especially promising spaces in the Mission.
  4. Some of the projects and ideas discussed included (add to fill in stuff)
    1. New Neal Stephenson novel - now with crazy chanting music! (See Al's blog)
    2. Reprap self-replicating fab machine.
    3. "Tell me a story!" stuffed animals for the Playa; thought was that an old iRiver plus separately powered mic in a ziploc bag may do part of the trick. Key issue is control, though.
    4. MyVu goggles, VGA resolution for $299 and 75 grams total, in context of doing Stross Accelerando-style augmentation glasses. Also mentioned CMUCam open source hardware cameras and Intel Open Source Vision Library.
    5. Cheap ($15-$50) radio localization devices for use in other projects. David M. has a friend who has done work on localization and can ask him about this.