Meeting Notes 2008 07 15

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  1. Ben Henry on 150 Folsom
  2. Possible space on Valencia (adi)
  3. Stickers!
  4. HOPE slideshow

Meeting Notes[edit]

  1. Ben reported on Collab21's experience with 150 Folsom.
    1. The landlord is flexible on amount of space and on price, really wants a creative organization. Ben will introduce us; Andy will set up a visit for middle of next week after people are back from HOPE.
    2. Collab21 passed on it b/c not enough natural light, other concerns
    3. Space consists of 1600 sqft main room plus ~20x15 conference room and ~20x15 dedicated room.
    4. Landlord will need occasional use of main room and conference room, which will be noticed in advance.
    5. Pro: flexible price, friendly landlord
    6. Con: involved landlord could be strange power dynamic
    7. Action: we will meet the landlord, start looking.
  2. Andy reported that Ashwon Nevin(spelling?) is taking over a portion of the old New College complex on Valencia and looking to rent it out.
    1. Price TBA, might be more than our budget
    2. Might be set up more as an incubator/coworking space instead of a space all its own.
  3. We have stickers! Thanks, Andy! They are pink and pretty!
  4. Send slides to Mitch and Andy.
    1. JPGs or PNGs is fine, don't worry about resolution
    2. Include 10 words as caption
    3. Slides can be anything cool which you do, don't worry too much if it's an "official noisebridge thing."