Meeting Notes 2008 07 29

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Pre-Meeting Agenda[edit]

  1. space viewing! 880 Harrison and others.
  2. Bylaws update
  3. Financial planning

Meeting Notes[edit]

  1. We discussed different spaces.
    1. Consensus is to pass on D7, at least for now; we'd prefer our own space, at least at that price.
    2. We liked both 880 Harrison and the other, but ADA access is an issue. We'll have to ask around to see how constraining that is. Parties/fundraisers are one thing, but we also hope to hold classes in the space (similar to Brain Machine sprint). If ADA restricts us from doing that this is worth thinking about.
    3. Scheduled new space viewing for 6pm on Monday 4 August, Rachel will e-mail list.
  2. We went over bylaws status; Carol is preparing "vanilla members bylaws", we have our current stuff, and we have Nolo Press members bylaws.
    1. Key issue is not getting our 501c3 app denied by IRS because bylaws are non-standard.
    2. Decided to wait until we have the options in front of us then go from there
    3. Noted that we may be able to work out a transitional arrangement with landlord until incorporation happens.
  3. Discussed finances
    1. Bank Account: currently waiting on incorporating, but we could use more info on credit unions.
    2. Pledges: asked people to update the pledge page on the wiki
    3. Move-in cost: we think move-in for a commercial space is ~3x rent. Need to check with landlord. This may be negotiable, we'll have to check. Someone suggested we might be able to get an initial month or two of rent off, but it'd be harder to get an ongoing break on the rent. We can engage more on a landlord with this once we decide we like the space.
  4. Fun project stuff
    1. Rachel is doing a "soft electronics" workshop soon. Send her ideas for electronics which mesh well with warm fuzzy things. Currently she has a vibrating pillow, but she wants more.