Meeting Notes 2008 08 19

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Time and Place[edit]

8pm, place: Muddy Waters, 521 Valencia St. @ 16th St., San Francisco

Pre-Meeting Agenda[edit]

  • workshops
  • spaces
  • paperwork (banks, incorporating, etc)


  • Workshops
    • Processing is tentatively 2pm, 9/13 (subject to Rachel confirming)
    • We looked at different Processing demos on
    • Mitch will schedule the soldering workshop when he gets back
    • We will plan to record the Processing workshop; volunteers for recording TBD.
  • Spaces
    • Andy discussed the EFF space.
      • Roughly 800-900 square feet
      • Roughly class B space (market rate ~$1-$1.50/month)
      • No separate entry; we go through same lobby as EFF space (complicates after hours events)
      • Have not discussed any terms or numbers
      • EFF moving out of the rest of the space around Jan/Feb 2009 - expansion possibility
      • Has several walls in there that we could try to cut out
      • Can support maybe 40 people in there at once if _very_ crowded?
      • Space visit next Monday or Tuesday at roughly 6pm. Watch the list.
    • Jim asked about what the configuration of the space might be
      • Talked about shelves + workspaces, tables + chairs, but bring your own laptop
      • Talked about multi-week reservations of pieces of space for projects
  • Paperwork
    • We talked about vision, inspiration by European hacker spaces, etc.
    • Talked about finances
      • Expectation that tech job people contribute more
      • See Finances page on wiki, put up pledge if you can
    • Bylaws: David M. thinks Nolo member bylaws are cool, will edit Wiki for Thursday night meeting
    • Question about whether more artists or techies interested
      • Some of both, people who do both (e.g. Rachel, Audrey)
      • Noah pointed out the distinction is artificial, we're trying to blur it
    • Question about whether we want to be a "Chaostreff"
      • Discussion of what the costs are (40 euro) and benefits (some money maybe, cool factor).
      • Feeling from several people that we should delay that until more established.