Meeting Notes 2009 01 13

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Agenda Items[edit]

  • Introductions around the room?
  • Announcements
    • Machine learning meetup: Wednesday, 8PM, 83C. This week, Ian's talking about k nearest neighbor classification.
  • Request for special dispensation: Potential member Christie Dudley

I've been in the binder for about 3 weeks now, soon it'll be time that I be considered to join. At a previous meeting, names were read that were "due up" but the people in question were not there and it was announced "You must be present to win." Now it looks like I will not be able to be present at the meetings much because they conflict with the meetings of SWARM - the large scale kinetic art (i.e. robot) group I'm proposing a project for. I can make arrangements for payment and key and so forth at some other time, it's just difficult for me to make the meeting time. Failing that, I guess I get to just keep showing up and hanging about the place and not paying until such time as I happen to be free on a Tuesday, which might be months if all goes well with the proposal.

  • Road trip to DC for the inaug? (Someone please fill in details?)
  • Member Candidates Binder Reading
  • We're out of keys! With two new members, we have no keys!
    • Joe LaPenna