Meeting Notes 2009 03 31

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Agenda Items[edit]

  • What Noisebridge is about.
  • Regular Happenings
    • Circuit Hacking Mondays (8PM, 83c)
    • Pyclass (Monday at 6:30PM, 83c)
    • Machine Learning Wednesdays (8PM, 83c)
    • Natural Language Corners
    • Sense Extension/Sensebridge/Cyborgism Group (Sundays)
    • OpenEEG
  • Go on Sunday 3pm
  • Treasurer's report
  • Selling drinks at a profit to fund Noisebridge?
    • "Club Mate" at Noisebridge?
    • Make caffeinated rootbeer at Noisebridge. Friday at 2pm. We will call it [root~]$Sudo pop ./noisebridge or just 'sudo pop'
  • Membership hiatus? For cases when members may be out of town or out of work for a long while?
  • Introduction of Noisebridge Affiliate "Membership" status
  • Five Minutes of Fame coming up on April 16th
  • Maker Faire - also, the NB page to express your interest: Maker Faire 2009
  • ToorCamp/HAR
    • Lets go camping!
  • DC3 Forensics Challenge
  • First aid and CPR class
  • DIYBio - lynching?
    • Use fridge for target practice for shooting?
  • Concern about hazardous materials in the space.
  • Safety review procedures / review process
  • Bringing in things that don't fit on your shelf
  • read membership folder names


Reading of the names[edit]

6 people up for membership[edit]

david kelso
paul boem
daniel packer
devon sean mcculloh
san mehat

all members approved

what noisebridge is about (address Wired article)[edit]

regular events[edit]

gsm hacking thursday science huddle someone put something on the wiki about learning arabic languages go on sundays

treasurer's report[edit]

we have $9126 in the bank at the end of the month (after rent and expenses for april) three months of operating expenses discussion on finances for expanding potential venue hunting for new places (closed down shop space) friend of enki's renting a warehouse for $4500/month some interest in moving to 83a (negotiations with landlord?) during the meeting, raised $5k off donations increased operating expenses and monthly requirements for a new space? discuss soon jake and andy will talk to the landlord about getting 83a for less than $2k/month ideally, we could convince people upstairs to move them next door, then we take two adjacent spaces andy: been scoping other spaces in the mission

selling drinks for profit at NB?[edit]

set up an electronic system to track? suggestions from university acm experience last set of drinks turned a 3x profit one problem: people needing to police the drinks need to advertise more so we don't have to police club mate! rpw is doing negotiations with company to import club mate someone needs to organize cost/distribution stuff use empty beer bottles to make our own root beer and soda

membership hiatus?[edit]

people leaving for months at a time and not paying dues question of what hiatus is show up 6pm next tuesday for discussion on membership (kicking people out, hiatus, failing to get new members because of process)

affiliate membership[edit]

people who want to hang out here without being a member how often can you show up here and still be an affiliate member? as much as you want reasons to allow it: they believe in what they have been doing, plus jake is giving our keys out to people already exists via paypal link important difference between affiliate member paying and random stranger paying: calling themselves a member

five minutes of fame[edit]

twitter your submissions to @miloh

maker faire coming up[edit]

noisebridge will have a booth, check out wiki page

hacking at random early bird closes tomorrow, toorcamp coming up[edit]

digital forensics[edit]

email aestetix to join the dc3 forensics team

diy bio[edit]

going to remove the fridge from noisebridge working more on posting processes to the wiki/mailing list

jake hacks the member process and pushed slim up for nomination[edit]

slim is now a member

concern over safety[edit]

if people something that looks unsafe going on, ask about it

pending membership for Mikolaj H.[edit]