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  • Moderator: jbm
  • Notes: miloh

Agenda Items[edit]

All the class info ('What's Going On..', below) is skipped, all members and folks present are familiar 
with the current events list at Noisebridge. 

Project Updates[edit]

  • No project updates

What's Going On at Noisebridge[edit]

One short sentence about each of the following:

Membership Binder[edit]

Going through the membership binder is 
pushed to the end of the General meeting.

Consensus Items[edit]

Shall Noisebridge sponsor LoveTech on August 15th 2009?

Andi speaks about the liquor license, covering the event specifics 832 Folsom PeerMine(d), and volunteers as sponsor to get a license for the even Vixen productions is running the drinks Seth voices a concern with running an event that is exclusively 21+, suggests that Noisebridge makes a stand to only support all ages events and venues, in the interest of providing space for the future members and contributors to the space -

Andy contributes information about specific excls laws for clubs that have 18+ events, addressing the burning issue of whether it will be possible to sponsor with all age access wristbands under short notice

Proposal to provide sponsorship of the Lovetech event on August 15th, given that we can provide relatively all ages access with legally obtained access restriction (and that the extra cost of wristbands shall be provided by Noisebridge member Seth Shchoen), OR in the case that it cannot be granted under short notice that Noisebridge release a notice that regrets sponsorship of an exclusive age event.

  • Consensus to follow the above is reached

Shall Noisebridge move to 2169 Mission St?

Rachel Opens discussion about the 2169 Consensus Item: Moving.

To open the discuss, it is introduced that the Elevator issues can be addressed with signage, alarms (non interfering), intercoms.

A question is voiced: Are there other concerns about 2169?

Access issues

that we can make access for a LARGE number of people, through the permissible build, and improvement to the Bathroom and the Elevator

The space is workable. The major concern is that Elevator is functional for our space, including rescue assistance and


although it is mechanically functional there are programmatic issues with access.

There follows important discussion about the need to commit to maintain accessibility to the elevator, including RESCUE and SAFeTY plans in case of different Emergencies. Secretary note: This should be included on the proposal..

(I need to read some classic style notes from the Royal Society)

It is suggested that a buzzer can be legally added to improve access for older elevators like this --

It is suggested that an area of rescue assistance for disabled people trapped in the event of an emergency could be created adjacent to the staircase, to provide for the accessibility of rescue/emergency personal. IT consists of a 4 hour fire safe with a call button directly connected to emergency services. The build out is possible on a single floor, with a designated space adjacent to stairs, many points need to be verified for the local CA codes.

Build out issues A search of the wiki shows this Consensus item was added on July 30th, 2009. Reiterating the current status of permitting and inspection at 2169 -- Key issue is verbal agreement that is assuredly not a problem.

Consensus Proposal Hereby, that we should consent on signing a lease for 2169 with the terms as specified in the 'Noisebridge lease draft 02.pdf' available at the 2169/Moving page on the Noisebridge wiki (08/04/09), with the following caveats that Noisebridge commits to maintain accessibility to the elevator, including rescue and safety plans in case of different Emergencies, and commits to achieve the build out of the above described area of rescue assistance.

  • No objections are voiced to the above ideas outlined in consensus, we will proceed to sign the lease for 2169 Mission street.

Reading of the Names Ensues[edit]

  • No new members are added.


  • Club Mate is here, have a Mate party and enjoy it!
  • Fundraising Party -- Let's have one? (General chatter was that a subcommittee should be formed to discuss this, and that it should be held in the new (and larger) space.