Meeting Notes 2009 10 13

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Moderator: mitch

Note-Taker: lamont

Attendee Count: 27

Officers: XX

Agenda Items[edit]


Introduction and Names[edit]

What Noisebridge is about[edit]

Treasurer's Report[edit]

Very brief primer on Noisebridge consensus process[edit]

Noisebridge now has insurance![edit]

What's Going On at Noisebridge[edit]

One short sentence about each of the following:

Need to schedule:

  • Project Euler group (recurring)
  • New First Aid / CPR class from Michael (one time, approximately four hours)

Project Updates[edit]

2169 Mission[edit]

  • Electrical
  • Library
  • Network

Consensus items[edit]

  • Membership Binder

Discussion Items[edit]

  • Frantisek's Cuba mission and how poeple can help or not help



Meeting notes, Mitch leading, lamont notetaking

8:09, mitch opens meeting, greets people mitch: what noisebridge is about, free, open, people sharing, enthusiastic. run by consensus. Consensus being explained. mike, tom here for first time. attending names: Mitch: hardware hacking neal, building, video projection mike kan: you know what he does. tom: checking out the space heard about us on internet nana: says hi kara: also new, with tom amalia: heard about from kara owen: materials science, first meeting officially david: likes to play with software andy: machine learning jason: heard about through station 40, teaching forth scott: rocking it seth: currently working on safety frantisek: working on media center in cuba chris: dave: keeps it snappy (rocks) jay: odds and things alex: makes corsets sky: analog synthesis maya: unix stuff nils: not getting up, rocks the door miloh josh mike: first time,from midnight research labs

treas report: right on target, likes, have $25k, owe $10k, so has a net of $15k. Pay october dues, jerkwads

unison recital of noisebridge motto. meredith remarks that "the other guy" actually said that

circut hacking mondays still happening python class still happening CTF happens thursday nights when not 5MoF next thursday is 5MoF sf0 journey to the end of night, nobody here to rep, mitch talks about playing it in vienna. "I haven't run that much in one night in a long time" neal talks about coit tower projection, will mention more at 5MoF. film projections onto the tower on nov 25th, with a live radio broadcast. Wants to meet saturday morning to get interested people helping project euler starting up, seth talks about it, has, needs more people to weigh in. josh overcame addiction, not participating

mitch mentions website is a wiki.

quinn shows up, shannon trys on boots

first aid class needs to be scheduled. Michael apparently. Class previously taught at 83c, free, but donations go to NB. raised a lot of money for NB last time.

project updates mitch: jim doing a fantastic job library proceeding apace, lamont gesticulated towards area under and between windows where shelves proposed. easier if budget sent to mitch. Easiest if under $250

Frantisek found 5-7 spots where ceiling was leaking. Possibly soaking into drywall/ceiling according to miloh

nils mentions new awesome door opening script. Talk to nils or Dr. Jesus if you like making human interfaces

seth reading membership binder, mitch explains membership process lots of new applicants, with various levels of sponsors dave rocks attending, passes on having a decision today, will go up next week scott here for 4th time. has two sponsors. claims: "I'm bored and I want to embrace my inner nerd"

concensus: scott is a member of noisebridge

frantisek talks about cuba. he's not heard back from jake yet about the legality of donations. He'd still like to get donations from members to himself (personally) which he will take to build the media center. presenting project at 5MoF, so you can get more details then. Needs pentium4 computers, laptops or small computers would be great, cause he's flying. "delta projector is kinda the cherry on the cake" 100 mbit switch needed. list will be discussed thursday as well as mailed out. Will also be here next tuesday, closing project on october 23rd or 24th. david showed him tor.

miloh would like shelf donations for NB. or scrap wood for shelf building. Myra knows about a reuse/resell shop. sky: the one in oakland is called urban ore

josh: shit is still messy. also, our classrooms are not closets nils suggests walling up doors to classrooms to prevent classrooms from being used as closets mitch points out that we're still in a state of flux owen: looking for a used laptop, newer rather than older. he'll put himself on the wiki. jason: wants to teach forth. cooks for food-not-bombs, would like to have classes late thursday nights. Will introduce it at 5MoF

late arrivers, rachel, Dr. Jesus, two others

miloh: kitchen notes. lots of stuff planned, not a lot of people know about it. fridge, oven, cabinets. don't freak out if that shit shows up. he'll label shit. no timeline, hand in hand with bathroom.

scott: (timeline on bathroom) christmas. people laugh.

meeting over at 8:58