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Moderator: ?

Note-Taker: Seth Schoen

Attendee Count: 20?

Officers: ?

Agenda Items[edit]


Introduction and Names[edit]

What Noisebridge is about[edit]

Treasurer's Report[edit]

Noisebridge has $23k in cash although there is still a bit to be paid to the buildout. 36 members are now behind in dues (about 20 fewer than a week ago).

We have 83 members who are not on hiatus, 47 of them are current, 36 are behind.

So legally, we have 101 members, but 18 of them are on hiatus.

10 of the members behind are more than 1 month late and 6 of the 36 have never paid dues despite being appoved (and, I suppose, are therefore not actually members).

So that means 20 of them are simply late on this month's dues.

Very brief primer on Noisebridge consensus process[edit]

What's Going On at Noisebridge[edit]

One short sentence about each of the following:

  • Circuit Hacking Mondays (7PM, 2169)
  • Python Mondays (6:30 PM, 2169)
  • Security group - Thursdays 8PM except when 5MoF happens
  • SF0's Journey to the End of the Night - A free street game across the cityscape of San Francisco (20091031 1730 at 2169)
  • German will meet on Thursdays again (note that this has changed since the meeting -- now on Mondays).
  • neal wants to meet saturday morning to talk about coit tower film projection and broadcast.
  • Noisebridge Biweekly Cleaning Day, Thursday the 29th.


  • Cleaning Thursday. Not a substitute for 10 Minutes' Hate but you should come clean on Thursday.
  • Sensebridge is looking for people who want to get electric shocks (?).
  • Workbench is in progress and should be done by this weekend.
  • Network is up.

Need to schedule:

  • New First Aid / CPR class from Michael (one time, approximately four hours). Should happen soon.

Consensus items[edit]

  • Gian Pablo Villamil is a member.
  • Seth Schoen is secretary.

Discussion Items[edit]

  • Non-excellent behavior and you. (e.g. smoking pot on the fire escape, breaking shit for the sake of breaking shit, sleeping at Noisebridge, failing to clean up, being drunk and disorderly, partying, talking to people well past their level of interest.) Andy expressed concerns about:
    • Smoking on the fire escape.

Please don't! This includes both tobacco and marijuana. Maybe we should put up a sign to discourage people from smoking here.

    • Breaking/throwing away things for no reason.

A member destroyed a laptop and hard drive in order to break up a conversation and out of curiosity. Another member accidentally broke a chair and then decided to break it completely and conspicuously to prevent someone from sitting on it unsafely.

There is controversy about the presence of useless junk in the space. Some people are more upset about the junk and other people are more upset about careless treatment of the junk.

Shannon says that random electronic junk will always appear so it should not be considered very precious.

Q: What do we do with e-waste? A: We send it to a recycler. Q: But where does it go in the meantime?

Mike thinks we might be able to recycle things ourselves and use components if we treat these things respectfully. But other people think we simply don't have the space and this possibility is too speculative.

Andy says we need more organization: more shelving and a designated e-waste bin. But maybe we have too much e-waste to conceivably fit in a bin.

An ideal situation is certainly if people label the things that they intend to use. But there are different sentiments about what constitutes inappropriate hoarding and how much harm it causes. Organization is important.

Many of these problems seem to be related to things not having a proper label or spot. A first step will be putting up a sign to remind people where the hack shelf is. But also members need to decide what parts they want to use and put them on their own shelves, less they be thrown away or repurposed.

Q. Is labeling something enough to protect it?

A. Labeling and putting it in a reasonable place is necessary. Just leaving something out in the middle of the floor is not safe.

Q. What about labeling and putting it in the corner?

A. Not if the corner is the hack shelf. But labeling is probably sufficient.

    • Sleeping at Noisebridge

Noisebridge is not intended for sleeping.

Q. What about napping?

A. Napping is fine.

Q. Napping is OK?

A. Napping is OK. Staying overnight is not good and in particular living here is prohibited. Do not stay over regularly and do not plan to do so.

Q. Why are you telling all of us this?

A. There are a lot of new people who might not understand these things. We need to be able to remind them.

    • Not cleaning up

People should clean up. E.g. on Thursday.

    • Being drunk and disorderly

Please don't be drunk and disorderly and don't fail to clean up the floor.

    • Talking to people well past their level of interest

Try not to do so. Try to help people stop doing so.

  • Who can host events? This new page seems to indicate any one, Hosting_an_Event. Is that what we want?

Quinn: Guidelines on the wiki.

Andy: Be a member or involve a member.

Q. Is that a rule?

A. No, it's not a rule. However, people should generally do so.

Shannon: Our practice has been that there should be a member involved. It's not a rule but it's been our practice.

Andy: The wiki seems to reflect this.

Gian: When you host an event, you also ought to let the community know that the event will take place.

Andy: For example, it should be announced on the mailing list and in other places.

Kelly: Also it should be on the wiki.

What about events using up the whole space and interfering with other activities?

Should we need consensus in order for an event to take up the whole space for may than an hour? Should we need consensus for some kinds and sizes of events?

Allegedly 5MOF and Arse took up the whole space... but other activities were able to occur. But they may severely distract people. E.g., Arse was distracting to everyone present even though other things did happen at the same time.

E.g., what about KinkForAll?

Also, event organizers should know that other things may happen at the same time, including use of power tools in the shop.

  • How can we address (sexual) behavior that makes people uncomfortable without either villifying the person responsible or creating unnecessary rules? i.e. no shirtcocking at Noisebridge.

Josh: This is really about respecting other peoples' boundaries.

  • Changing the name to DramaCentral or DramaBridge.

There was no discussion about this item.