Meeting Notes 2009 11 03

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Moderator: TBD

Note-Taker: TBD

Attendee Count: XX

Officers: XX

Agenda Items[edit]


Introduction and Names[edit]

What Noisebridge is about[edit]

Treasurer's Report[edit]

Very brief primer on Noisebridge consensus process[edit]

What's Going On at Noisebridge[edit]

One short sentence about each of the following:

Need to schedule:

  • New First Aid / CPR class from Michael (one time, approximately four hours)
  • Hackers and the Law presentation

Project Updates[edit]

  • Board elections. I (Rachel) am not going to make it to the meeting this week but I'll be talking about this during the upcoming week and at the next meeting. The board proposes a process that Andy described here: If you don't like that for some reason, come up with a proposal of your own and we can compare (please don't just say, this is bad, without suggesting an alternative).

2169 Mission[edit]

  • Electrical
  • Library -- Johnm still plans to work on shelves, must fix radial arm saw first.
  • Network
  • Shop Work-bench -- Johnm still working on it...hopes to be done this weekend (7th/8th)
  • Hack shelf

Consensus items[edit]

  • Membership Binder

Discussion Items[edit]

Non-excellent behavior and you. (e.g. smoking pot on the fire escape, breaking shit for the sake of breaking shit, sleeping at Noisebridge, failing to clean up, being drunk and disorderly, partying, talking to people well past their level of interest.)