Meeting Notes 2010 12 14

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The 139th Meeting of Noisebridge[edit]


Presiding: President Jof

Notating: Notator Seth




Meeting business[edit]

We dispensed with most process. This general meeting intends to discuss Jof's proposed consensus item for the elections.

The board has designated January 18 as the annual membership meeting for election of directors and other business.

Consensus item[edit]

On Jan. 18 we will elect a new board. Nominations open today. Members in good standing may nominate anyone to be on the board. You must be a member to nominate but you don't Closing Dec. 23. We will then publicize the list of nominated parties.

We can then consider whom to elect.

On Jan. 18, which is designated as our annual member meeting, we will collect and tally ballots. If you can't attend, you can vote by proxy, allowing any other member to be your proxy.

Your ballot can be a ranked list of 0 or more nominated persons. It can be cast in person on Jan. 18, or can be sent cryptographically signed to Jof before then but after the close of nominations.

Votes then tallied according to Condorcet method. All votes for a person not properly nominated are to be discarded.

Those who are nominated are asked to be present at the Jen. 18 meeting so that we can have our annual meeting at that time.

Q. Provisions for accepting or declining nominations?

Q. Will we verify with the nominee that they accept it?

A. No.

Q. But we can't force people to be on the board.

Q. How do we nominate?

A. Edit the nominees wiki page. Say who nominated them when you do nominate them. For nominations, please log in if you have a Noisebridge wiki account.

Q. Can you nominate people by other means?

A. Yes. E.g. by telegram if you can find someone to send the telegram (Western Union no longer does). Please remember to say STOP at the end of the sentence, use 5-bit Baudot code, and find someone with an appropriate telegram messenger's hat to deliver your telegram.

This item is up for consensus next week.

End of Meeting[edit]

  • PGP Key Signing actually happened!
  • Some people may have enjoyed a cocktail with their fellow hacker or robot.