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The 157th Meeting of Noisebridge

Note-taker: Seth

Moderator: Seth

Introduction and Names[edit]


Financial Report[edit]

Funds in bank: Kelly reports via e-mail:

"Our aggregate bank balance is $16,987.21 but we have not yet paid May Rent or paid for any of the Maker Faire expenses we discussed (tshirts and stickers [1]). This puts us at about the same point as we were at last month. We are far enough ahead that we can afford things like bulk sticker and tshirt orders, but about $4K short of our fantasy of keeping $15K untouched in savings as a prudent reserve."

Membership Binder[edit]

Daniel Dunbar becomes a member. Yay!

What's Going On at Noisebridge (non-weekly events)[edit]


Five Minutes of Fame is on Thursday.

Snickers bars[edit]

Next Tuesday (April 26) Tastebridge plans to make Snickers bars from scratch according to a recipe from Instructables (

Q. Will we get in trouble with Mars?

A. ...

Q. Maybe we can make amaretto Snickers bars.

Q. Amaretto Snickers bars‽

A. Yeah! With actual amaretto?

Q. When?

A. Maybe as soon as tomorrow or the week after. (??)

Q. There is also a Tastebridge event on April 26 for vegan food hacking. If vegans come, and you're making Snickers bars then, can we also make some vegan ones?

A. Maybe. The vegans should research what ingredients they would need to use and try to bring those.

New groups forming[edit]

- There is a group trying to start a 3D graphics event. Possibly Blender or possibly 3D graphics in general.

- On Sunday there will be a meetup to explore Scheme, at 2:00 p.m. People can bring projects or questions. One possible demonstration topic is web development in Scheme (!). The Schemers meeting is going to occur on Sundays in general.

Q. Is that the same as Schematics?

A. No, there are actually two different Scheme groups.

Q. We have two different space programs and two different Scheme groups?

A. Yes.

Q. What's the difference between the two?

A. They have a different focus because possibly Schematics is more CS-focused and the Schemers are more project-oriented.

Discussion Items[edit]

Extra stuff[edit]

- The extra stuff lying around the space ... at the open studios this past weekend it seemed that artists might be able to use extra stuff, e.g. there are artists who work with old computer components as raw materials for artwork. We have an enormous surplus of things, like on the hack shelf, and so we could make it available to artists to work with.

- Cool, let's give some stuff to artists.


Q. Will Noisebridge accept the money from the charity auction at the upcoming BayCon convention?

A. Yes, thanks BayCon!

- Do we want to have a table at BayCon? May 27-30 (Friday through Monday, which is Memorial Day); the weekend after Maker Faire. At the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara. We can have a table there if we want; we just need to have people. If so, we should have a person who is BayCon's lead point of contact for this purpose. Someone should please volunteer for this soon if we want to accept BayCon's tabling offer.